Architectural Drafting I


In Architectural Drafting I the team members learn the basics of what it is like to work in the field of Architecture.  The goal is to mimic the Architectural office work environment and give the team members the experience of what it would be like to work in this field of Engineering.


The course begins with a Practice House.  Using a step-by-step guide, developed by the Architecture that gave this software to the CEC, the team members learn the basics of Architecture while at the same time showing them how to use the software.  The software is a 3D Parametric BIM systems called Vertex BD ( which will generate everything needed from the wall sections to the bill of materials based upon what the "Architect" designs/uses in the house.


Next the team members will begin their main project for the semester, The Client Project.  In this project I consider them to be Jr. Architects.  They each receive a set of specifications outlining what a client wants in their new house and it is the job of the team member to design their house for them.  During this they will following an established process in which they will:

After their footprint has been approved*, the team member will then move to the computer where they will draw out the shape after which we will plot out to a 1/4"  = 1'- 0" scale.


Next they will

Once the trash paper design of the interior has been approved* the team member will then


Once finished the team member will then


During the course of the semester the team members will have additional assignments such as weekly terminology tests, weekly House Hunters** reports along with an individual Great Architects and House Styles project. 


There will be an emphasis placed on creativity, problem solving and thinking throughout the course.



*by the client


**Team Members watch House Hunters to

gain insight to what house in other parts of the country

look like as well as terminologyand to see

what potential clients like and don't like in houses.


***time consuming project that can not be put off. 

Team members should be started/working on the this

model by the last 5 - 6 weeks of the term to be on tract



Important Documents Related to this course


House Hunters worksheets

Practice House Book

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