Engineering Drawing I


The Engineering Drawing course is the starting point of ALL Engineering Career fields.  Some of the first course work you will take as an Engineering major in college will be Engineering Drawing.  To get a good fundamental start here, to get the basics under you belt now will put you steps ahead others now and in the future.


The Engineering Drawing course starts with the basics of drafting ... manual drafting.  Team members will spend the first few weeks of the course learning how use basic drafting tools (T-Square, triangles and compasses).  Other learning will include (but not be limited to) drafting techniques such as types of lines, layout, tools, vocabulary, and other equipment.


Next team members will move to CAD (Computer Aided Drafting).  We will start with a very simple activity of drawing a LEGO block.  In this activity team members will learn to sketch, extrude, shell, manipulate, round, mirror, remove materials and pattern.  Team members will then create a 3 view (isometric) drawing with dimensions and using the LEGO block they created put them together in an assembly. 


Once a team member has competed the LEGO activity they are eligable for a free copy of the CAD software to take home and put on their computer and keep.  The software is valued at $5,000.


After competition of the LEGO block team members will be assigned various parts to draw each designed to improve thier skill. 


Shortly after the mid-term team members will begin working designing and drawing (using CAD) a slot car frame that we will then 3D print on place on the body of a 1/43th scale electric race car.    The goal is to have head-to-head races at the end of the term to see who designed the most aerodynamic body.


There will be an emphasis placed on creativity, problem solving and thinking throughout the course.