CEC TriBots

The CEC TriBots are the extra-curricular competitive group which is sponsored through the Engineering and Technology Department located at the Central Educational Center.  The TriBots represent all three of the base high schools and the Coweta County School System in a wide array of extra-curricular activities centered around engineering, teamwork, and problem solving.


ANY high school student, currently enrolled at one of three base high schools is eligible and welcome

to be a part of the CEC TriBots.  All you need is the desire and transportation to the CEC.

There are no grade restrictions other than you must be in high school.


The TriBots started back in 2006 as the Iron Giants but that name did not stick around.  In 2007, we became the TriBots with the “Tri” representing all three of the base high schools and the “Bots” representing how we got started as a robotics competition team.  Please note that in our name we capitalize the T and B in TriBots, we do that in honor and memory of a very special team member who passed away between his Junior and Senior years at Northgate HS.  Thomas Broadwater was a talented young man who had a passion for robotics and everything engineering.  His plan, after graduation, was to attend Southern Polytechnic State University and major in Engineering.  Thomas passed in 2009.


Over the years, the TriBots have evolved and excelled.  We started out competing in BEST Robotics in 2006 with 2 team members that team now averages about 20 people each year.  Since that 2006 beginning, we have added VEX Robotics (which has grown from 1 to 4 teams), TEAMS, and AMP'd  to our list of yearly activities.  We have even ventured into such activities as MIT’s InvenTeams, MATE-ROV (underwater robotics), and Ten80 SRC, a NASCAR STEM competition.


If you would like to get involved with the TriBots in one or more events then email the following information to scott.brown@cowetaschools.org and you will be notified of upcoming events that you can get involved in.



Base School (N, EC or NG)

Email Address

Parent Email Address

Cell Phone Number

Grade Level (9, 10, 11, 12)

Gender (Male or Female)

Event(s) you are interested in (BEST Robotics, VEX Robotics, AMP'd*, and/or TEAMS*).


There is typically a participate fee associated with each event.  These fees are used to off-set registration fees and snacks (either at practice or the day of the competition). 



*This event is recruited for and is based on observations of

the sponsor and recommendations of the other team members.