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Work Based Learning
Work Based Learning
Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an opportunity for students to link their classwork and career interests with their job. They leave school during their assigned WBL block/s and receive class credit for their work and WBL assignments. It is available for 1 or 2 blocks per semester.

Focused Areas of Work-Based Learning

Unpaid or paid Job/Internship/Apprenticeship opportunities in all career areas (many employers participate)
Healthcare Explorer – Ideal for students who are interested in healthcare careers. Entry-level meetings with local healthcare professionals
STEM Internship
Teacher Pipeline – Education pathway includes Coweta County Schools internship (university credit opportunity)
WBL Requirements

Be on track for graduation
Be a junior or senior
Hold a valid driver’s license with your own transportation
Meet attendance requirements
Have a good behavior record
Complete a WBL Application (see below)
Teacher Pipeline applicants require an academic average of 85
WBL Application

Fill out a Work-Based Learning application if interested in the WBL class. The application may be filled out online, or it may be submitted as a paper application to your high school counselor. The application is also available in the guidance counselor’s office.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to attend CEC to sign up for WBL?

You do not have to attend CEC. Work-Based learning serves all three base high schools.

Will WBL provide a job for me?

WBL Directors are not employers, and they do not guarantee you a job. WBL Directors may help provide job leads, job search advice, or job shadow opportunities. You might be given the chance to interview for a job, but the employer has the decision of whom he wants to hire.

Who is responsible for finding my internship site?

You are responsible for securing either a paid or unpaid internship site that is within your career area. Your WBL director can provide you with some job leads, but it is ultimately up to you.

Do I have to have a paid job to be in WBL?

WBL internships (jobs) may be paid or unpaid.

I want to explore teaching as a profession. What classes do I take?

Teaching classes are called Teacher Pipeline and are part of WBL. You must meet the WBL requirements as well as have an academic average of 85.

You will have to take a first block class in the fall at CEC to begin the internship. The class becomes a work-based internship after the first nine weeks. You can continue to take other teaching internships that will count toward college credit.

Thirty-five percent of the Teacher Pipeline jobs are paid internships for experienced team members. The other 65% of the internships are unpaid, but those internships allow you the chance to understand teaching so that you can decide if the profession is right for you.

When can I apply for WBL?

You can participate in Work-Based Learning as a junior and/or senior. You must also be 16 years of age.

Can I participate in WBL and continue my after-school job?

Yes, WBL hours can be completed during the school day during the block in which you registered for the class. This leaves your afternoons free for your after-school job.

I have after-school activities. Can I still participate in WBL?

Yes. However it may be best to register for your WBL blocks in the morning so you will have the afternoon free to participate in your after-school activities.

Can I have my parents, a relative, or my friends drive me to my jobsite if I do not have transportation.

No. You must have your own personal transportation for WBL.

What happens if I lose my job?

If you lose your jobsite due to poor performance, you will not be allowed to secure another one. You will remain at CEC during your WBL blocks throughout the remainder of the semester.

If you lose your job due to economic reasons, you will be allowed two weeks to secure another jobsite.