Central Educational Center (CEC) exists at the request of our local business community and is a joint venture that links local business with the Coweta County School System and West Georgia Technical College. CEC is a charter school providing Coweta County students the opportunity to experience “reality” and to focus on their future. This was primarily designed by you as you described your needs to other businesses, to the Coweta County School System and to West Georgia Technical College. It is obvious that what you helped to define has met a need across Georgia as CEC has been replicated 32 times throughout our state. We have defined this new website with you in mind. You can navigate through the entire site or through the pages that are most pertinent to your needs. We hope that the CEC mission “Ensuring a Viable 21st Century Workforce,” is evident in what you see. Thanks for the leadership you have provided to create, govern, and sustain CEC