CEC Economics Impact

CEC Economics Impact Impact is defined as something that “has a strong effect on someone or something”.

Central Educational Center (CEC). has and continues to have a strong impact on the economy of the surrounding area and the people associated with CEC.

Central Educational Center, Georgia’s “model charter college and career academy,” was developed by local Chamber leaders, the Coweta County School System and West Georgia Technical College.economy More than 500 groups from around Georgia, across the US, and from sixteen other nations have visited CEC to study and/or replicate this unique approach that connects education and economic development. CEC was recently designated one of 30 “replicable model high school reform” programs in the United States. Georgia alone has replicated CEC 32 times in its College and Career Academy Initiative. How does CEC “impact” someone?

CEC can offer a team member courses that will position them in the workforce quicker. Our team members leave high school with a purpose and an understanding of what they need to be vital to the workforce by taking classes that are driven by industry. With dual enrollment emphasis, the potential is available of completing college quicker, saving money, and into the workforce faster increasing overall earnings. How does CEC “impact” something?ga_flag_map

The largest private employer, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation, is here in part due to CEC and its impact. Piedmonts purchase of Newnan Hospital (and subsequent $150M replacement facility) was due in part to CEC and its impact. Cancer Treatment Center of America’s $250M Newnan facility, 900+ jobs and $1 billion estimated economic impact generated was due in part to CEC and its impact. The “most automated water bottling facility in the world”, Niagara Water Bottling (the nation’s largest private label water bottler) located in Newnan due in part to CEC and its impact.