Frequently Asked Questions

What is CEC?

CEC is a unique partnership, a “joint venture” among business and industry, the Coweta County School System, and West Georgia Technical College. These partners formed a public steering committee in the late 1990’s that was in effect for three years. The result is a charter school designed to meet the needs of a 21st century economy by seamlessly blending secondary and post secondary education and training with business and industry. At CEC, business and education work together to develop the best-educated and most productive workforce in U.S. history. CEC’s mission is to “ensure competitive talent for current and future careers.”

What is taught?

At CEC, curriculum is designed around the needs and expectations of business. This design allows CEC to respond to a rapidly changing economy by seamlessly combining academics with career and technical education, and by combining that education with businesses and industry.

What do people say about CEC?

Students, parents, and employers have been surveyed for their reactions to CEC. Here’s what they say:


-“I’m treated like an adult at CEC, and I like the freedom I have.”

-“I’m doing better in college because I went to CEC.”

-“I’m preparing for a job in a field that interests me, and the teachers have a real positive attitude.”

-“I’m getting hands-on experience with equipment and software I’ll be using in the workplace.”


More than 90% of CEC’s parents either agree or strongly agree with the following statements.

-“CEC is helping my son develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes he will need to be successful in life.”

-“My daughter knows and understands what is expected of her at CEC.”

-“I’m a valued partner in my child’s education.”


“CEC has its own version of No Child Left Behind. It’s called `All Graduates Employable.’ “ – Don Moore, Plant Manager (Local Manufacturer)

“I give CEC a 10 out of 10. Their team members produce outstanding results!” “CEC’s team members are more mature than most high school students.” – Source: Florida State University

If you’re a student or a parent… and need more information about CEC, please call us or talk to your high school counselor. Regardless of your career or post-secondary education plans, CEC is here for you!

If you’re a business… contact our CEO, Mark Whitlock for more information about how we can help train your workforce and involve you as a CEC partner.

If you’re an educator… call us and see for yourself how our model for seamless education and workforce development can help you…

Place more graduates in jobs or colleges Improve your workforce Attract more high-skill industry Graduate more students