Team Members and Parents
CEC Sign

What is CEC?

cec_signCEC is a unique partnership, a “joint venture” among business and industry, the Coweta County School System, and West Georgia Technical College. These partners formed a public steering committee in the late 1990’s that was in effect for three years. The result is a charter school designed to meet the needs of a 21st century economy by seamlessly blending secondary and post secondary education and training with business and industry. At CEC, business and education work together to develop the best educated and most productive workforce in U.S. history. CEC’s mission is to “ensure a viable 21st century workforce.”

Who are our students? Students at CEC are called “team members,” and they voluntarily enroll from all the county’s high schools. CEC’s unique blend of academic and technical courses prepares team members for the workforce and additional post-secondary education. Team members also have the option of taking dual-enrollment courses at CEC as early as age 16- simultaneously earning credit toward a high school diploma and a West Georgia Technical College associate degree.

Adults attend CEC, too, enrolling in West Georgia Technical College classes to earn a diploma or degree. The state of Georgia provides customized training for corporations at CEC, and many outside groups hold seminars and community events here, also.