Engineering Applications


Engineering Applications (EA) is a continuation of the Pre-Engineering course and the attempt to mimic the Engineering work environment. The goal is allow the team member to experience another field of Engineering.


During the course the team member begin with either a CAD refresher and/or serve as a helper with the Pre-Engineering team members who are using the 3D Parametric software Pro Engineer/Wildfire V5 for the first time.  During the course of the term the EA team members will serve a mentors to the PE team members.


Next the team member will move into our Engineering lab where they will work/study in one of seven different areas of Engineering for the semester.  Those area are:

        Electricity & Electronics

                Electronic Circuits

                Industrial Motors

        Manufacturing (utilizing the CNC Mill and CNC Lathe)

        Mechanical Systems




        Quality Control


        RAMP - Automated Manufacturing involving Pneumatics, Electricity, Automation and PLC (programmable logic control)


During the course of the semester the team members will have additional assignments.  They will work on their own individual long term project centered around Civil Engineering*.  In their project they will be building, in part one a pre-designed bridge using step-by-step instructions and then in part two they will be designing and building their own bridge.


They will have weekly terminology test and locating information assignments.  There will be an emphasis placed on teamwork, creativity, problem solving and thinking. 


Some assignments are short term and some are long term.


Team members interested will also have the opportunity to participate in a job shadowing at some point during the term.  Several local companies participate in this job shadowing activity by allowing team members to come there and spend the day following around a real Engineer.


*90% of the work done on/related to this project is done outside of the school. 

Team members will be given a template for the part one, they will be able to borrow

a testing device from the lab and will have access to other project related items as needed.



Important Link Related to your semester long project


WPBD software V5 (you will need to download and install)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Appendix A, B, C and Glossary

Bridge Pattern (this needs to printed on D size paper -- see instructor)



Terminology Test Terms

EA Test 1 terms

EA Test 2 terms

EA Test 3 terms

EA Test 4 terms

EA Test 5 terms

EA Test 6 terms

EA Test 7 terms

EA Test 8 terms

EA Test 9 terms

EA Test 10 terms

EA Test 11 terms

EA Test 12 terms

EA Test 13 terms

EA Test 14 terms

EA Test 15 terms

EA Test 16 terms


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